The Axminster carpets have excellent appearance, retention, durability, dimensional stability and underfoot comfort. The Axminster quality is suitable for hotels’ guestrooms, corridors and public areas, convention centers, corporate headquarters, airports and cruise lines as it withstand the wear and tear that is often associated with high traffic areas.
Woven on looms that offer a unique flexibility in colors and design, each piece of pile yarn in an Axminster carpet is individually woven into place. This integral construction process allows even the most complex and intricate designs to be created with pin-point precision and high-definition. All carpets are comprised of a pile material and a backing. On Axminster looms the pile and backing materials are woven together in a single operation. This eliminates the problems of delamination, bubbles, ripples and potential premature product failure which may occur in heavy traffic areas with other types of carpets.
Axminster quality carpeting is woven of 80% Virgin wool and 20% Anti-static nylon for long-lasting beauty and additional strength in heavy traffic areas. The two ply yarns are skein dyed for vivid colors that enrich the carpet design. As a result of wool’s natural resilience, wool-rich Axminster carpets contribute to air purity by absorbing harmful pollutants such as Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide. Wool-rich Axminster carpets can even assist in stabilizing the thermal properties of spaces by absorbing and/or releasing moisture during periods of high and low humidity.
As an alternative to wool-rich Axminster carpets, we also offer the option of a different pile yarn with 100% nylon. Using advanced Electronic Jacquard Axminster Looms, we are able to produce the most complex and creative Designs, as well as large-scaled patterns, with the use of up to twelve colors, even sixteen colors.