David Elia

The Germano-Brasileiro Collection originates from the collaboration between Sahrai Milano and David Elia. Each rug in this collection is an interpretation of the Brazilian Agate stone using the finest materials and an exquisite colour palette.

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Minjung Kim

Taking an artistic approach to rug creation, Minjung’s modern contemporary rugs blend exceptional artistic expression with our time-honoured premium craftmanship, to create a range of exquisite designs.

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Christian Hetzel

Christian Hetzel is a self-taught visual artist. He was born 1965 in Germany and works and lives in Germany nearby Stuttgart. Hetzel has taken part in more than 15 shows and exhibitions in Germany and beyond, including Art Fair Cologne, Context Art Miami, The Unit in London and PAK, Belgium.

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Loredana Longo

Loredana Longo (Catania, 1967. She lives and works in Milan)

She obtained a diploma in Foreign Languages and a Degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania.

Multifaceted artist, she uses a variety of techniques and materials to create her works, which are mainly site-specific installations, sculptures, performances, photographic and video documentation.
Her research can be summarized in what the artist calls "aesthetics of destruction", a set of visions, often provocative, in which she destroys and rebuilds her subjects, creating very suggestive and scenographic works. Known especially for a series of works called EXPLOSION, in which the artist builds real theater sets that then she destroys through an explosion, to rebuild everything after (leaving incomplete parts that testify the event). The whole process is also documented by a video projected next to the scene of the explosion. The EXPLOSION series, has been presented in various events, theaters, museums and private galleries.

In the FLOOR series, she builds huge concrete floors, working on the theme of depleted concrete: in the concrete tiles the artist inserts some materials, metaphorically selected to testify to the subject matter. In her first FLOOR she drowned workers' clothing in three colors, green, white and red, creating a floor/flag on which the audience was forced to walk. His favorite subject remains the fire with which she works every material, whether it is explosion, as in the latest ceramics or burns as in her VICTORY, velvet fabrics in which the artist burns with an electric welder stolen images from the net. The word VICTORY becomes a provocation, the images often represent dramatic situations or situations of social and political interest. In her CARPET, a series of precious oriental carpets, she burns Western politicians’ phrases on the carpet, creating a sort of collection of precious aphorisms.

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