Kashan Mohtasham
€38,000 Persian

This is an antique Kashan Mohtasham from Central Persia woven circa 1890. The floral pattern is a typical one found in Mohtasham Kashan rugs with a central medallion and a arabesque design. The palmettes and floral motifs used are a feature of  rugs from this region. Its mint condition makes this piece very rare as many Kashans have become worn through the years. The colours in this piece have retained their vibrancy and the wide array of shades make this rug extremely attractive. 

This rug is finely hand-knotted in the finest wool on cotton and is available in: 

  • 210 x 130 cm 

Condition: Overall Good Condition 

Please note that this is a unique piece. If you are looking for a similar rug in a different size, please consult the listing below.

From €38,000

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 Sahrai Heritage Antique Collection - Antique Kashan
 Sahrai Heritage Antique Collection - Antique Kashan Kashan Mohtasham Kashan Mohtasham