Kashan Mohtasham
€28,000 Persian

This is an antique Mohtasham Kashan from Central Persia dating from circa 1880-1900. This rug has a variant of the quintessential Mohtasham Kashan medallion. The border has a very liquid floral design with alternating geometric line breaking the border motifs and large corner palmettes.  Kashans woven by the most famous weavers are world renowned for their quality and designs.  For this reason Mohtasham Kashans have all been highly valued and collected by generations. This rug is very finely hand-knotted on a cotton foundation with fine wool pile with asymmetric knots.

This rug is available in: 

  • 197 x 138cm 

Condition: Good overall condition 

Please note that this is a unique piece. If you are looking for a similar Rug in a different size, please consult listing below.

From €28,000

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Heritage Antique Collection-Sahrai- Mohtasham Kashan
Heritage Antique Collection-Sahrai- Mohtasham Kashan Kashan Mohtasham Kashan Mohtasham