In occasion of Milan Design Week 2021 and the re-opening of our Showrooms, we are pleased to present our newest Collection of custom-made Rugs. Designed by international renowned designer Samuele Mazza, the Collection is a tribute to the abstract artist Mark Rothko. Part of our Designers Selection Collection, the 6 Rugs are rich in their contemporary simplicity with their geometries amplified by bold and strong colours, such as Gold, Lemon, Sky Blue, Ice, and Indigo. A colour palette that reminds us of the sky, the sea, the infinite shades of natural light and the dreamy panoramas of existing or imaginary places.


Innovation and research have always been a prominent aspect of the Sahrai Collections, which is expressed in these new Designers Rugs through the use of an innovative material, a completely biodegradable fiber, Tencel. Sustainability at the heart of the artistic production that does not forget the environment and embraces the future.


The Collection is on display from the 13th of April in our showroom in Via Manzoni 45 in Milan. Since today travelling is restricted, we will be happy to set up a digital presentation to show you the exquisite detail and craftsmanship of these new Sahrai Designers Rugs.