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    Sahrai Milano featured in the Textile EYE

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    Following Chapter 1: The Lakes,  Chapter 2: Coastal Treasures, Chapter 3: The South, Italian Summer Vibes continues to take you on a journey to some of the most fascinating places on the peninsula. Italian Summer Vibes, a source of inspiration for...

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Meet the artist

Gianfranco Ferré

Brazilian-born, London-based David Elia is an award-winning artist and designer. His work embraces cultural hybridization and gambiarra, a Portuguese word referencing a makeshift problem-solving style common to Brazil, generally necessitated by or alluding to a lack of tools and inspired by a tradition of resourcefulness—as well as upcycling and Post-Minimalist tendencies.

Much of Elia’s work uses Brazilian society as a frame through which to consider nationally and globally relevant issues through research of human sociology, urban policy, environmental topics as well as security.

Elia’s work is included in multiple public and private collections, including Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Paris), The Museum of Arts & Design (New York), The François Pinault Collection (Paris), and The Sir Elton John Art Collection (London), among others.

  1. Inspiration

    Italian Summer Vibes: a tribute to Italy and its summer colours

    Italian Summer Vibes begins with a stay on the shores of a lake, between mountain slopes with rounded peaks, whose shores are characterised by elegant residences that disguise breathtaking beauties. From Lake Como to Lake Maggiore, passing through Garda, to...

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    Sahrai and David Elia present the exclusive Germano-Brasileiro custom Rug Collection

     Sahrai and David Elia are proud to announce the exclusive Germano-Brasileiro custom made luxury Rug collaboration.   Germano-Brasileiro is a new collection by David Elia brought to life by Sahrai. In this collection Elia was influenced by the historical significance of...

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    5 Beautiful Trends to Make Your Home Design Stand Out in 2020

    Designing a stunning room can be a challenge, especially when it comes to balancing the dimensions and shape of the space and tying all the elements together. Here we look at five contemporary design trends that are set to make...

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    How to Create the Perfect Living Room Design

    Your living room design expresses who you are, what you think – and what how you want others to perceive you. The living room is the function room of the house; it is where you bring your guests, spend time...

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    How to Include an Inspirational Space in Your Hotel Design

    Incoming trends and brand vision largely influence hotel design. One of the growing trends to impact hotel interior design is the focus on wellness; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing – and a desire to find a location that caters...

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