Colours and volumes come together in a unique capsule collection presented in Milan in occasion of Fashion Week.

Following the worldwide launch of the ELIE SAAB Maison Rug Collection last September during  Milan Design Week, ELIE SAAB Maison and Sahrai, official licensee, are proud to present the Marlène capsule collection. Six exclusive versions of the luxury rug, whose design is inspired by the colors of nature, transferred into precious materials, a refined elegance and an exquisite craftsmanship.  One of the world’s leading names in Haute Couture and a red carpet favorite, Elie Saab’s refined silhouettes and sumptuous detailing take inspiration from both Paris and Beirut, where his ateliers of craftsmen are based. He first launched his eponymous label with his Haute Couture line, expanding soon after into ready-to-wear and accessories, with each collection displaying the innate elegance and femininity for which he is renowned.  Today, ELIE SAAB has evolved into a lifestyle brand, through the development of diversified product categories that deliver a unique experience of the brand’s universe. ELIE SAAB Maison, through a long-term license contract with Corporate Brand Maison S.A., creates timeless signature furniture collections and interior design projects that embody ELIE SAAB’s Dna and touch every aspect of “living”.  The ELIE SAAB Maison Rug Collection takes us on a whimsical voyage through the iconic shapes and distinctive signature lines of the brand. Nature and art in all of its forms as source of inspiration shaping living spaces to relax and unwind in style. Playing an essential part in the interiors of ELIE SAAB Maison, the rug collection offers contemporary elegance in a high-quality range. Luxurious soft with delicate textures and patterns, playing around with soft tones from silky creams to pastel shades of grey contrasted with a touch of colour found in nature.  In line with the other rugs created for the ELIE SAAB Maison Rug Collection, the Marlène capsule represents the highest expression of Sahrai's artistic quality, acquired in over two hundred years of history; a refined mix in which Persian artisan tradition, a sophisticated contemporary taste, and a pinch of glamour are blended in a harmonious way.  The capsule collection consists of three pairs of luxury rugs, distinguished by a unique colour scheme; an elegant powder blue, a delicate plum and a refined sage green. The brocade design is the same for all six rugs, but each couple interprets it in its own unique way, proposing a version with a more defined contour alongside a faded option, in whichthe sense of geometry is deliberately lost, with an effect that emphasizes or delicately fades the volumes and intensity. Each rug from the Marlène Capsule Collection is a unique work of art, capable of transmitting that sense of luxury which for Sahrai is not just a well designed creative and production process, but is completed with the impeccable interaction of the rugs with its environment, touching all senses. The Rugs are created with the finest silks, whose filaments alternate in a play of depth and relief, made with the most refined knotting techniques, aiming for excellence in every aspect, in line with every single creation of ELIE SAAB Maison.  A key characteristic of the collection is the valorization of ELIE SAAB’s primary symbols such as the logo and the crest rewritten into the carpet designs of Palmier and Monogram perfectly expressing the DNA of the brand. Palmier has no traditional border as the edges create a delicate and poetic movement becoming a true work of art for the floor. A special piece in the collection is Nomad, in which the refined hand tufted workmanship stands out, which gives the carpet a three-dimensional appearance, emphasized by the pattern chosen for this unique creation.  The ELIE SAAB Maison Rug Collection will complete any residential or commercial environment with its contemporary lines and strong style identity staying true to the designer’s vision of timeless beauty.