A journey that begins from the new showroom in Via A. Manzoni 38, through history and tradition, to tell the past and the present of the brand, personally or virtually.

Heritage Forever, a journey through time and space. An unprecedented experience starting from Milan, or for those who prefer virtually, from any corner of the world. A little magic, when traveling is difficult if not impossible. Two hundred years of the finest Persian artisan tradition told in Via A. Manzoni 38, in the heart of the luxury quadrilateral of Milan, from January 25th to March 31st, 2021. Sahrai opens the doors of its archives, previewing a selection of its most precious treasures.

Heritage Forever, a project born from the desire of the brand, founded in 1830 in Tehran, to narrate for the first time its origins, its heritage, the very meaning of uniqueness, the secrets of a refined art and an incomparable savoir-faire, built with sacrifice, dedication and passion, generation after generation.

“For the past months we have been living in a different world. It gave us the opportunity to slow down and take the time to look back at what we have done so far and where we have come from. For the first time ever, we have decided to open our archives and share with the world some of the most exciting moments in the history and culture of our family." Thus, Rana Sahrai.

The showroom in Via A. Manzoni 38 is a space that stops time, where the visitor is forced to immerse himself completely, lost in contemplation of the canvases that are called Rugs only for convenience. A place where reality fades away and is overwhelmed by the magic of legendary places and distant eras. The atmospheres of a Thousand and One Nights can be felt by gently touching the skilfully hand-knotted fibres of the precious artefacts. The Rugs, displayed in this extraordinary location close to the headquarters of the Brand, tell the story, knot by knot, of the places they come from.

“Heritage Forever is born from the desire to bring more joy and color into the homes of our clients. The collection of Rugs that our family has collected over the past decades is a tribute to the colors and the beauty of nature, a hymn to life and a precious testimony of the tradition of our land. " Thus, Ramine Sahrai.

Two collections are presented in the 500m2 showroom which is designed with the purpose of enhancing the treasures on display, creating a fascinating contrast thanks to the modernity of the space. The first, Heritage Antique Collection, is a collection of genuine works of art: ancient gems, composed not only of Persian Rugs, but of unique pieces collected over time by Sahrai, originating from China, Caucasus, Europe and India. The second, Parsa, is an exhaustive collection of Sahrai's most recent production, a true manifesto of the attention to innovation and research that has always distinguished the Brand. Characterized by the charm of traditional Persian productions obtained through the exquisite craftsmanship and techniques used, the collection successfully blends together contemporary lines, colors and geometries.

The artefacts that make up the two collections will be rotated periodically, allowing the collections to be visible in their entirety and give space to a variety of stories, handed down over time and enclosed in the treasury of Via A. Manzoni 38.

During the visit, a selection of pieces of the ELIE SAAB Maison collection can also be admired, partner of Sahrai in the development of its Rug collection which is characterized by three-dimensional textures and irregular shapes. ELIE SAAB Maison, the home division of one of the most prestigious brands in the world of Haute Couture has chosen for the occasion to present a selection of unique objects such as the Dunes table, the Monolith sofa and pouf, the latter in absolute worldwide preview. With its sinuous shape, the large pouf is inspired by nature, and embellished with brass elements.

Bernardini Milano will make the visit even more fascinating with its collection of vintage items. Unique and rare objects, loved by passionate collectors from all over the world who have always found in Bernardini Milano an irreplaceable point of reference for vintage trunks, furnishing objects and extraordinary timepieces.
The treasures of Sahrai will be visible to the public for a limited amount of time, until the end of March. It will be possible to view the collections by appointment, also virtually. Customers who wish to, can request exclusive personalized private visits, where the set up of the space will be designed according to the specific requests regarding collections to be viewed, eras, colors, and dimensions.