Designing a stunning room can be a challenge, especially when it comes to balancing the dimensions and shape of the space and tying all the elements together.

Here we look at five contemporary design trends that are set to make a significant impact in 2020:

Sustainability as a Focus

It’s important to be strategic and purposeful when purchasing items for a space designed around a sustainable ethos. Firstly, you need to look at whom you are purchasing from; what values do they stand for? What type of materials do they use, and where do they source them from?

These days, most companies will have a CSR statement on their website so you can ensure that they are following socially responsible and sustainable practices.

If you want to finish a design with accent pieces, you can look at opting for a high-quality rug that blends the tones of your design. All our rugs are made with ethics and sustainability as a core part of the process.

Using Soft Colours and Muted Tones

A strong colour palette may make an impact, but in rooms where you want to relax and unwind – such as sitting rooms, libraries, and orangeries - this style could work against you, making the space feel small and cluttered.

By utilising lighter tones and shades such as nudes, blush, powder pinks and bronzes, you can maintain an interesting palette with depth and visual appeal. These styles help balance the energy levels in a welcoming environment without competing for attention.

Developing a Design Around the Use of Exotic Materials and Rich Jewel Tones

In areas where you want more energy and a lively aesthetic, deep jewel tones provide a real edge. Bold indigo, emerald green and shades of teal give vibrant energy to any space. They are ideal for use in living rooms, dining rooms and guest bedrooms, and can be added to your design via paints, fabrics, accessories and rugs.

Look for creative and innovative blends that bring an unexpected use of a texture into your aesthetic. Consider making a statement with a rug that sparkles in the light, blending silk and crystals to form an unexpected sensory experience.

Whether you’re looking to make a subtle impression that depends on the attention of the viewer, or to impart your own story – using deeper colours and different materials will give you a unique platform for creative expression.

Blend The Old and The New with A Boho Vibe

The essence of Boho is taking a vintage design and re-imagining it with a modern twist.

Curved furnishings and soft lines blend a mix of modern and vintage aesthetics and give a space a unique contemporary design.

You can express this with furniture pieces, shaped rugs and floor coverings, or a new wallpaper design. Careful editing and attention to detail is a must when working with a Boho aesthetic, as there is a fine line between modern chic and over-crowded cluttering.

Mixed Metal Accents

Bringing a touch of metallic sheen to a design gives a sense of luxury and expense. Brass, gold and nickel accents work well with bronze and iron accents; silver and pewter mix well with bronze and black.

Accents should be limited to two or three variations in one room so as not to overwhelm the design and conversely cheapen it. If you were to combine all these elements into one room, there would be no main focus for the eye, and the visual result would be lessened.

Home Design in 2020

Whether you decide to take a contemporary design approach, go back to basics, or reduce your style to a minimalist aesthetic, you need to ensure that each room works with each other – flowing together to form an overall picture of your design space.

2020 will see more design trends rise to prominence as people continue to innovate. By paying attention to design elements and working within your chosen style – you too can create something genuinely beautiful and reflective of your own interior design motivations.