Following Chapter 1: The Lakes, Italian Summer Vibes and Chapter 2: Coastal Treasures continues to take you on a journey to some of the most fascinating places on the peninsula, to which we pay tribute by offering a tripartite selection of Rugs inspired by the suggestions of the most beautiful, most dreamed season: Summer.

Italian Summer Vibes, a source of inspiration for some of our Rugs, inspired by the natural and architectural beauties of a country, Italy, which we have chosen as our home. Italian Summer Vibes is a journey between dream and reality, made up of four stops, in which to immerse yourself with us in some of the most iconic locations of the most beautiful country in the world.


The third part of the journey Italian Summer Vibes, starts from Sicily, passing through Puglia and then stopping in Capri, the pearl of the Mediterranean. We invite you to immerse youselves in three extraordinary places, so different from each other, united by a universally recognized beauty, which is unrivalled in the world.

At the center of this part of the journey is the Summertime Rug which belongs to the Underwater Life collection, made with a hand-quilted finish, in silk and wool, with silk embossment. Available in 5 colours, or even customisable as desired by the customer, by selecting the preferred shade, the Rug depicts a palm leaf lying on a cream-coloured surface.


Italian Summer Vibes: extraordinary places and items, that will make you dream, why not, of stealing a small piece of summer, forever.

The Collections are on display in our showrooms in Via A. Manzoni 45 in Milan and 62-64 Brook Street, Mayfair, London.