The limited edition collection by Marcel Wanders for Sahrai.

Natural elements in a sensual game of symmetries and colors.

The kaleidoscope has always been a tremendously fascinating instrument, for everyone: it is a simple object capable of creating an infinite variety of symmetrical geometric shapes by combining the direct images of the glass fragments it contains with the reflections of its mirrored portions. The images that are generated, capable of capturing the attention, of stimulating the imagination of the viewer, succeed one another without ever repeating themselves. The charm of the symmetrical geometries created by this tool, together with the desire to pay homage to the sensuality of nature's elements, gave rise to "Kaleido of Life," the Limited Edition, latest Sahrai collection created by Marcel Wanders, which is part of the Designers Collection.

"Sometimes, when I think about the basics of design, about the definition of the style of an ambience, and I choose to move away from the increasingly widespread use of white walls and empty minimalism, the result of a certain weariness of thought, sometimes of the simple sluggishness of this era and its protagonists, I enjoy dreaming of a design, of a creative thought that is truly built on love, on creativity, on imagination. And when I fail in an attempt to explain my frustration by trying to convey the fundamentals of my vision to others, I simply highlight how every square inch of what we do deserves our love, that every square inch deserves our real attention, that the true essence of the divine is in understanding relationships, that the concepts of 'big' and 'small' are like sisters who cannot live without each other." Says Marcel Wanders.

"Working alongside Sahrai was an enriching experience, which taught us the deeper and more sophisticated meaning of craftsmanship and tradition. Our work has turned into true masterpieces that represent a window through which to observe natural forms in the act of creating magical, ethereal patterns." States Gabriele Chiave, Creative Director of Marcel Wanders.

The collection is a limited edition, featuring 3 different rugs, in only 6 versions each, included within Sahrai's Designers Collection. Finely Handknotted in natural silk and wool, the rugs are inspired by the natural elements: air, water and earth; each of the three elements is depicted through a computerized graphic creativity, which plays with the sensuality of natural forms: images with a marked realism, skillfully reproduced by Sahrai's artisans on each of the hand-woven pieces, arranged symmetrically within paintings in which light and color, depth and seemingly embossed surfaces alternate. Air is Lush, in which butterflies dance in the wind caressing the tree branches on a summer evening just before sunset. Water is Allure: a dive into the depths of the sea, surrounded by figures magically created from different sized shells, starfish and underwater vegetation. The earth is Charm, an entanglement of fruits, the protagonists being pomegranate and the autumn colors.

A man's homage to sensuality, to the magical perfection of nature and its elements: all this is "Kaleido of Life," on display at Sahrai's booth (Hall 3 / Booth D14-16) during the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, taking place from June 6th to the 12h.


Hall 3 Booth D14-16



Marcel Wanders successfully operates in the field of interior design and across a wide range of products. Based in Amsterdam, one of Europe's creative capitals, the studio has designed more than 1,900 iconic products and interior design experiences for international clients and premium brands including Alessi, Amsterdam Airport, Audi, Baccarat, Bisazza, Christofle, Kosé Corporation / Decorté, Flos, KLM, Hyatt Hotels, LH&E, Louis Vuitton, Miramar, and Morgans Hotel.

Under the leadership and creative direction of Marcel Wanders and Gabriele Chiave, the Marcel Wanders consists of 40 design and communication experts. Inside it, every single person perceives, breathes and experiences creativity through a multitude of projects, ranging from a set of plates to be used aboard an airplane, to creative direction, up to hotel interior designing.

Marcel Wanders’ over 30 years of practice are celebrated in some of the world's most renowned art and design museums, including the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Arts and Design and the Museum of Modern Arts in New York, the Pinakotheke der Moderne in Munich, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and the Prefectural Art Museum in Oita, Japan.

Regarded by many as an anomaly in the design industry, the Marcel Wanders has described its Mission as follows, "Creating an environment of love, living with passion, and fulfilling our most exciting dreams." The studio's work exhilarates, provokes, certainly polarizes attention, and does not fail in its goal to surprise with its ingenuity, audacity, and singular quest to lighten the human soul, and entertain.

The fundamental principle that guides the studio is that of placing man at the center, bringing a new era of design, in which the designer, the craftsman and the final user, in a way, are brought closer together. In this process, the Marcel Wanders defies the dogmas of design, preferring to focus on holistic rather than technocratic solutions. In this dimension, the coldness of industrialism is replaced by poetry, fantasy, and romanticism belonging to different time periods, brought back to life in the present moment.