In occasion of the Milan Furniture Fair, Sahrai presents the “Strati” collection, by the Russian designer Mike Shilov, part of the Designers Selection Collection. Born in Moscow, where he lives, trained between Russia, the UK and Japan, Shilov has collaborated with the most important fashion magazines in the world, and with stylists of the caliber of Thierry Mugler, Kenzo, Jean Paul Gaultier and Gianfranco Ferrè. A master of color, Shilov is known for the balance of the environments he designs, and for the ability to combine harmony and sensuality in his projects. "Strati" is a collection dominated by images that overlap, mixing with each other, embellishing the texture and stimulating the viewer to identify their contours, isolate their lines and recompose them, letting the gaze get lost in a mix of colors, often bold. There are three carpets on display, all hand-knotted in wool and silk, with silk reliefs. The circular carpet “Strati 6” dominates the scene, which perfectly summarizes the concepts dear to the designer: one canvas that houses paintings arranged on several levels. A ghost of modernist art, a tribute to the Russian avant-garde of the early twentieth century gives way to a diamond, an icon of luxury without a temple, and then to lush vegetation, a metaphor for eternal life.