Whether you’ve been living in your home for some time and are looking for some new interior design ideas, or you’ve just moved in and are styling a room from scratch, your design will be defined by your personal sense of style.

The way you design your home, the colour palette and style you choose – it all tells a story: the story of you and your family.

Refreshing or redesigning your room doesn’t necessarily mean that you remove everything and begin again. There are ways of bringing new life and energy to the space that utilises light, contrast, shape, elevation and form.

Here are our 5 Tips for Styling a Beautiful Room, and what you should do to get it right:

  1. Think About the Use of the Room
    The longer you stay in one location, the more it adapts to fit. You may have noticed certain pieces were originally placed in a corner, but have been gradually moved closer to light sources, or that there are specific routes which people walk when traversing the room.
    Look at all these elements before redesigning your room and create a design that works with them, rather than against them.
  2. Make Use of Natural Light
    Bring depth to your design by making use of light and shadow. This contrast can allow for a greater exploration of colour and design, especially with textiles that contain threaded metallic or crystal accents. The amount of natural light a room receives will also determine whether or not you can accessorise with plants – rooms that don’t receive much natural light would benefit more from decorative elements.
  3. Create comfort zones
    Using furniture to create pocket zones within a room can break up the space and give people a feeling of warmth and privacy. By aligning large pieces, such as sofas, opposite each other with a table in the middle, you are creating a conversation area that is removed from the rest of the room, and still functional. Finishing this area with a luxurious rug will also alter the feel from the rest of the room.
  4. Play with Shape and Elevation
    If you have a room that is relatively featureless, it might seem difficult to give the space a personality and warmth of its own. By incorporating interesting shapes and displays at different heights, you can cultivate points of interest around the room.
    Make use of shelving, tables and seating of differing heights to create a landscape throughout your space.
  5. Take an Artistic Approach
    When creating a bolder aesthetic, you need to find a delicate balance. To make full use of colour, you need to select a complementary palette that works across the different patterns you have chosen, and use materials such as silk, cotton and linen that offer an elegant look and feel.

Team your design with sleek modern furniture to balance out the contrasting elements. Either look to create a harmonious spread of colour across the entire room, or build up to it using gradients and tonal shifts. However, if you intend to stagger your colours in this manner, it’s important to have a focal point that finishes the design.

The way you style your room will depend entirely on your own taste, favoured design style, and how you want to express yourself.

It’s crucial that you look at the design as a whole, complement the space you’re working with, and finish it off with the right notes that will elevate your room from functional to fashionable.